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I know it's early, but I won't have time tomorrow. So uh, have yourself a merry little Christmas...


(sorry for the slightly off timing in places :/)

Is this a thing?

You know what the world needs? A Hogwarts Hotel. Seriously, how awesome would it be? Everyone would eat at house tables, based on where they're staying (obviously). You could make the rooms in Slytherin slightly cheaper on account of how they're in the dungeon with no natural lighting, and the rooms in Gryffindor slightly more expensive because, lets face it, that's where most people will want to stay. And the prefects bathroom could be some kind of spa/swimming pool. Although Peeves (or someone dressed as him) probably shouldn't be there, except on special theme weeks for people who want the authentic Hogwarts experience.

Basically, why is this not a reality? Or, if it is, why have I not heard of it?


And so the glaringly obvious downside to the Irlen method becomes even more glaringly obvious. My new tints are wrong. I could actually cry. I mean, they're not completely wrong, but they are wrong. It seems the eyestrain I've been experiencing and the green tint the world has adopted is not, as I previously thought, me getting used to the new tints.

They've gotten rid of the lights around the words, the rivers of white and the nausea (although not the white flashing letters, which apparently are not supposed to be there? I feel ridiculous asking but, is this true?) and replaced them with eyestrain.

I just... I fucking hate their method. There's currently no scientific way of determining tint colour, all you do is hold various combinations of coloured discs up to your eyes and say if it's better or worse. And I don't understand how something could be better one day and not a month later. I have to give it until Monday to make absolutely sure that it's not just me taking an unusually long time to adjust to them, if it's no better then I'm going to need to get them adjusted.

BRB, kicking myself in the face.




Excuse my excitement it's just that I've been waiting forever.

I know, this is not generally something to get excited about, but well, it is. Ok, I'll explain. I have Irlen Syndrome. It's a visual perceptual disorder, which sounds scientific and sort of impressive but what it actually means is that my brain can't correctly process some specific frequencies of light. And what that means is that I end up experiencing visual distortions, which sort of fall into two categories: distortions and light sensitivity.

VERY basic summary if you're interested.Collapse )

It's pretty rubbish, but it can all be made better by wearing glasses with coloured lenses. The colour varies from person to person and the colour that's beneficial for you can change over time (nobody really knows why, there is so much research still to be done). Which is a complete bugger when it happens because once you've finally managed to book an appointment to get your colour checked it takes a further 3-4 weeks to actually get your glasses as they have to be sent to California (or somewhere in Australia) to be tinted.

Anyway, my glasses came back today and I can do things like read, and look at a computer screen, and go outside WITHOUT getting headaches and feeling sick. So YAY GLASSES!

(Here's a picture, if you're interested. The lenses are 2 layers of grey, 2 layers of turquoise and 1 layer of green.)


Unoriginal post is unoriginal

I'd have posted sooner, but I've been busy. Y'know, saving the world and all that... Ok. No. Anyway, lame excuses aside, it's been three months since I posted last, so here, have an entirely unoriginal post. Really, I insist. Consider it a gift. You know, like that really, really hideous jumper you got from your Great Aunt. The one who hasn't seen you since you were five, and still thinks you like My Little Pony. Or something like that.

...Ok, so it's probably not that bad, it's just unoriginal.

2009 - A summaryCollapse )

Aug. 28th, 2009

Ok, so I've spent quite a bit of this summer listening to Harry Potter audio books because, like Pringles, once I start I just can't stop. The result of which is that I now have a ridiculous new crush on Bellatrix Lestrange(/ Helena Bonham Carter). I think it's the combination of teh crazy and teh pretty. Everyone loves a sadistic killer, right?

career prospects?

Job hunting (however half-heartedly I may be doing it) is no fun. It is also slightly depressing. And my back up plan of homelessness, whilst definitely achievable, is starting to look less appealing. In the event that I am unable to pursue a career in psychology (due to the extreme lack of clinically relevant graduate jobs that do not require previous experience) I may be forced to use my knowledge of human behaviour for evil. Whilst becoming an evil overlord is probably less achievable than obtaining a job relevant to clinical psychology it would probably be more fun. And besides, it never hurts to think big. In the event that this becomes a reality I will make sure to follow this advice. I will also make sure to kill the man who wrote it because he clearly thinks like an evil genius and probably has secret plans in place for dealing with people who attempt to follow his advice (even if a lot of it is common sense).
It's possible I've been listening to far too much Harry Potter recently. Today I overheard a child in my Mum's class say something about someone not having a permission slip. My first thought was 'oh, they're obviously talking about Hogsmeade'. It took me a good minute to remember that Hogsmeade doesn't exist.

Clearly I am just too cool.

A student no more

Today has been an ... interesting day. Why? because I graduated. Which is a surreal sort of experience. All the while you're at uni everyone talks about graduation (friends, not academic staff) but I never really felt it would happen. Which is ridiculous because barring serious academic failure it was pretty much inevitable. I don't know, on the one hand it was sad because the past three years have been brilliant, and I wouldn't change them for anything, and honestly I didn't want them to end. (Which is in complete contrast to my first week at uni in which I couldn't wait for it to be over. How times change, eh?). But it's also exciting. Not only because it's the start of the rest of my life but also because the actual ceremony was exciting. The whole thing of hearing someone announce "Chloe Hooper, with First class honours", then going up and shaking the chancellors hand and collecting my degree and having people clapping at me, then walking down the middle of the cathedral (University of Kent = graduate at Canterbury cathedral = V. cool). Part of the excitement might also be due to the fact that I got to wear a silly hat and robes and couldn't help but think that it was all very Harry Potter (which I am seeing tomorrow, YAY EXCITED!).

So, yay. I graduated. Let the job hunting commence. Maybe.

(Also Disney World was amazing, definitely the best holiday ever.)
(Also it's now thunderstorming, which officially makes this day really really good...Ok shut up I'm weird)

Holiday. YAY!

I'm currently attempting to pack for my holiday tomorrow (my holiday to DISNEY in FLORIDA for TWO WEEKS, no less - Can you say AWESOME!?) however, my amazing system of organisation (this mainly involves making many, many lists) is currently failing me, mostly because I keep making more lists instead of packing (it's addictive I tell you!). But this is not important, because this holiday will quite possibly be the most amazing holiday ever, even if the weather is supposed to be stormy, and I will miss ALL of the new Torchwood series (thank god for BBC iPlayer), and  be without (free) internet for two weeks.

However, I? Do. Not. Care. Because I will be in DISNEY :D